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  • "The. Best. Food. First, the egg rolls are SO GOOD !!! The honey garlic chicken? Delicious. Fried rice? Omg best ever it's got sprouts and so much flavor. The wings are great. The chicken philly is amazing. Basically anytime we get takeout it's from here because they check all the boxes!"

    Samantha O. Atlanta, GA

  • "Good wings and friend rice. We had lemon pepper wings and they keep some of the sauce with it so you can get more flavor, dip it or maybe put it on your fries or fried rice. The fried rice is also flavorful. They've been consistent since they opened a few years ago. For a hole in the wall, it's pretty good and the price is right. We had the ten wings wirh fried rice combo; it comes wirh a drink. Two entrees for under $20."

    Jonetta V. Atlanta, GA

  • "Buffalo China is your typical fast food Asian American fusion wing spot. It's comes with all the fixings you find at your favorite American deli from wings to tenders to Phillies, the list goes on. Where buffalo china shines to me and makes it different from your average wing spot is the wing special thy carry featuring a 10 piece wing with fries plate for 6.99. Any wing spot connoisseur like myself knows that this price is a steal for a wing combo in Atlanta where it will usually run you north of $9 and up. I can't help but take advantage every time I come here. They carry all your regular wing flavors but I was always like to step out of the box and get their signature honey garlic pepper flavor which tastes exactly how it sounds and mixed with Mild sauce for 50 cents extra. This in total cost me about $8. My food came out about 5 mins later alongside a complimentary ranch dressing and they supply all the salt , seasoning salt , and black pepper you need to enhance your meal. I am always extremely satisfied with the food as it's always made to order and delivers a taste that hits home runs for me. The customer service of the staff could use a major overhaul but their food and accommodating prices always seems to lead me to overlook that and make me a reoccurring visitor."

    Michael I. Atlanta, GA

  • "I won't argue with other reviewers that the service here is lackadaisical and personally waiting for other people to order their food as if they're slowly perusing the menu at Canoe drives me nuts.

    BUT...the value here for your food dollar is pretty good. a la Eats on Ponce. I usually get 10 wings with shrimp fried rice and the tastes just blend together in a way that makes me salivate a bit at the thought. I've also enjoyed the chicken philly. And the broccoli is surprisingly good.

    I live in a neighborhood with some trendy but pricey dining options and would love to have a choice like this."

    Will M. Atlanta, GA

  • "We love this place for their wings!

    When calling in an order we normally get the Philly Cheesesteak, wings and fries combo. Initially, we did not know fries came with the meal. So mistakenly we ordered a large side of fries. It was a lot of fries. The hot sauce has a good kick. And the BBQ is also delicious. There are other flavor that we have yet to try.

    The only down side to this place is getting into and out of the parking lot, have fun with that :)"

    Henry E. Atlanta, GA